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Happy Halloween! (from my Spooky Skeleton Foot)

31 Oct

Happy Halloween! What could be spookier than a spooky skeletal picture of my broken foot?


Naturally, I broke it while dancing. Dancing IN COSTUME, no less. NERD COSTUME, even. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more “me” way of injuring myself.

Here’s a closer look at the jagged little bone:


Via Providence Hospital. The lady says, “I’m not allowed to tell you what your x-rays say, but I’d stay off of your foot for a while.”

What are you doing to celebrate (and stay safe) this Halloween?


9 Jul

In the past 48 hours I have:

  • Lost at arm-wrestling
  • Won at arm-wrestling
  • Fist-bumped a stranger
  • Danced on a stage
  • Been to a block party
  • Listened to live bluegrass sung by handsome fellas
  • Lost at pool
  • Experienced the wonders of karaoke
  • Lost at pool again
  • Slept til noon
  • Gotten up at 4
  • Stayed up til 4
  • Played Tori on a dive bar jukebox
  • Played Prince as loudly as possible on an iPhone jukebox
  • Worn leggings unapologetically in public




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