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K-Y features lesbian couple in commercial

8 Sep

Today’s post is brought to you by “personal lubricant.” Check out the lesbian marketing action:

I am pretty excited to see gay ladies in an advert like this, being marketed to like any other self-respecting consumer demographic (and not even in a PSA!). Now all we need is to see lesbians, gay menfolk and transfolk featured in commercials for things that AREN’T implicitly about sex, and we’re golden. I’ll start holding my breath in 3, 2, 1…

Verbing cunnilingus: The sexy nerd’s quest

29 Mar

Ever since I first learned the word “cunnilingus,” I’ve been trying to verb it. We English-speakers can easily verb “fellatio,” right? It’s easy for folks to fellate, the sexually adventurous have fellated for years, and fellating is pretty common even in states where it’s illegal. But the only amusing vocabularic derivation of cunnilingus is a noun (albeit a fun one): cunnilinguist.

Why is this, dear readers? If it can be assumed that a language’s construction tells us most of what we need to know about a culture, then is it not true that, in our culture, fellatio is an action, whereas cunnilingus is a concept? I will bet you a whole platter of cookies that the reason that there is no verb form of cunnilingus is the same reason that there are about twice as many words for “rich” as there are for “love.”

Ponder on it, and tell me how you’d verb cunnilingus in the comments!

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