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Happy Friday! and weekend open thread, evil genius edition

27 Jan

Happy weekend everyone! This week’s open thread topics are:

One MILLION dollars!
  1. Brilliant ideas
  2. Evil plans
  3. Awesome shit

I have been having all kinds of GENIUS IDEAS lately, probably because of the massive quantities of cold medicine I’ve been consuming. I have also been thinking about Things I Like, because um well why the hell not? So here are some of my brilliant ideas/evil plans/awesome shit I’ve thought of this week:

So what are your evil-genius plans for the weekend? For 2012? For ‘someday’? For the summer? For the good of all humanity? Discuss these and any other topics you want in the comments. Winner gets a unicorn!

And last but not least, here’s some happy (hardcore) music for you to listen to while you plot:

    Weekend Open Thread: 101 Things in 1001 Days (11/11/11 edition)

    11 Nov

    There’s this thing I’ve been meaning to do. It’s called 101 Things in 1001 Days. Basically, you make a list of 101 things you want to do in the next 1001 days (nearly three years), and then you, you know, DO THEM. I started working on a list way back when guest blogger Mel began hers, and then I got distracted.

    So in an attempt to get back on the Getting Things Done train, and to celebrate today’s date of 11-11-11 (numerical alliteration, whee!) this weekend’s open thread theme is Things You Want To Do! Here’s how it works: You post the Many Awesome Things you want to do in the comments section, and then I promise to post my list on Monday. Deal? Deal!

    Some various questions to get you started/inspired:

    • What do you want to do with Your Life? (easy questions first! yuk yuk)
    • The next five years? Fifteen?
    • The next 15 minutes?
    • Where do you want to be ten years from now?
    • What do you want to do this weekend?
    • What do you want to do before you die*?
    • What is your biggest, baddest most secretest talent you wish you had but don’t?

    Happy 11/11/11 everyone, have a wonderful weekend!

    *Oh my my, how things have changed since 2006.

    Weekend Open Thread: Street Harassment Edition

    4 Nov

    It’s Friday, so it’s Weekend Open Thread time! Talk amongst yourselves about whatever you please in the comments. I’ll give you a topic: Street harassment! Yayyyy! Some questions to get you started:

    • What is the worst thing someone has ever said/done to you on the street/in public?
    • What’s the funniest?
    • Is there any kind of street harassment that’s OK or tolerable?
    • Have you ever fought/talked/holla’d back to a street harasser? What happened next?

    Feel free to talk about whatever you want, save doing violence to other commenters, or me, or cute widdle puppies like this one:

    Halloween Weekend Open Thread

    28 Oct
    This is the Halloween costume I would get for my cat
    if he were the sort of cat to wear costumes.

    It’s Friday, and that means Weekend Open Thread time. Stuck for a topic? I’ll give you some!

    • What are you going to be for Halloween?
    • What are you going to DO for Halloween?
    • How many pumpkins are too many pumpkins? (Answer: TRICK QUESTION! No amount of pumpkins.)
    • On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you love Halloween? (My answer = 753.)
    • What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

    Songs to sing along to

    21 Oct

    Friday music time! Since I’m too lazy/busy/insert-explanatory-adjective here to write anything heartfelt or insightful today, instead I give you some cheesy songs to listen to. And when I say cheesy, I really mean it. I have a whole Pandora station called “Cheesy Dance Party.” I listen to it almost every day.

    I’ve never quite figured out how to describe my taste in music, which is fine by me but confounding to others. You already have my favorite torch songs, this week I give you a litany of cheeseball ditties. They’re kind of in-theme, but as per usual I don’t really know what to call the theme. Ten points go to the first person to correctly identify the overarching sentiment:

    I put the ol’ iTunes on shuffle the other week and lo and behold this song came on. I think it came from a mix CD a friend made me in college, but it really sounds like something I would have listened to in the 80s had I not been busy learning to walk and tie my shoes. I have no idea why the music video accompanying it is Party Monster- themed, although it really makes me want to watch that movie. Also, it reminds me that I think my little brother looks like Macaulay Caulkin. He’s not a drag queen, though. Although one time I did dress him up like a girl and completely pulled the wool over my grandpa’s eyes. Good times, good times.

    I love Prince so, so much. I don’t care what anyone says, he is a supremely beautiful man. And how can you not love his little boatneck shirt in this? 80s fashion was so underrated, until it was overrated.

    Freakishly, I didn’t really start listening to Prince until the summer of 2005, when I spent a lot of time commuting with a Prince mixtape. I am pretty sure I first saw the above video, though, while my big sister was babysitting my little brother and me while watching VH1. I was definitely way too young to be watching this pure filth, but it must’ve sunk in because I have a fondness for Prince that’s out of proportion for someone who didn’t grow up with Princely goodness. Also? I think a love of Prince must run in the family – my sister and my aunt both love Prince too.

    I have no explanation/excuse for this. I will say that it looks like the perfect candidate for a literal video interpretation.

    Everyone loves PJ Harvey. This one’s from a mix CD my Brooklyn friend mailed me one sweltering summer in BFE, Oregon. I listened to it while drinking wine and making collages in my trashy apartment and taking unnatural measures of pleasure out of picking out my own movies to watch before falling asleep on the living room floor.

    This one might actually fit in better with the torch songs. But you could also do an interpretive dance to it if you wanted to. Heh. Anyway, I got this from Ms. Deena, who put it on a mix CD called “dancey music” which is most excellent in every which way.

    Since it’s Friday, that also means it’s weekend open thread time. I don’t have any topics in mind, so talk amongst yourselves about whatever pleases you! Just so long as the things that please you are mostly legal and thoroughly nonviolent, ‘course.

    Happy Birthday to Me! and weekend open thread

    7 Oct
    An extremely generous friend of mine
    volunteered to make this for me. I get to
    behold its beauteous wonder tomorrow! (via)

    In honor of it being Friday (and the most important national holiday of the year, my birthday), today’s weekend open thread is dedicated to birthdays. In honor of Linda Richman, I’ll give you some topics to get you started:

    • Do you still celebrate your birthday? Why/why not? If so, what do you do? Something tasteful, like a fancy dinner out in cocktail attire, or something ostentatious and with a lot of sugar, like me?
    • What is your favorite birthday memory? Your favorite birthday present you ever got?
    • What was your worst birthday ever?
    • Ever had a surprise birthday party thrown for you?
    • Ever had everyone you know forget your birthday?
    • Do you have any birthday traditions (for you, your partner, your kids, your pets…)?

    Have a lovely weekend, dearies, and thank you for reading this drivel. Y’all are the best birthday presents ever!

    Weekend Open Thread: Dieting edition

    30 Sep

    I love feminist kitteh. Feminist kitteh does not like to diet. Why? Well, feminist kitteh is a personal friend of mine, and she told me why: It’s because when you are dieting, there is no room for apple pie punch, and you can’t have cookies for breakfast. That, my friends, is unacceptable.

    Friday means semi-topical open threads, so let’s talk about food, shall we? Talk amongst yourselves – I’ll give you some topics:

    • Do you remember the first time you “went on a diet”? How old were you? What inspired it?
    • What’s your relationship with food like? Has it changed as you’ve grown up/gotten older?
    • What do you do when you’re tempted to cave in to the pressure to be thin/muscley/whatever-it-is-society/fashion magazines-tell-you-you’re-supposed-to-be-for-your-gender?
    • How do you draw the line between keeping yourself healthy (avoiding bad-for-you-foods and remembering to get exercise now and again) and straight-up image obsession?
    • If you have children, how do you/did you go about teaching them to have a healthy relationship with food? If you don’t, how would you? Or what was your childhood relationship with food like? What did you learn from your parents/family/friends/boob tube?

    Mindless sartorial waffling, part II

    16 Sep

    It’s been a week of nattering about appearances, hasn’t it? First we learned how to lesbonify ourselves, then we learned that to some people, “femmes” are invisible, and to others, heavier women are worth less. That’s a whole lot of Serious Contemplation about The Presentation of Self, innit?

    Did I mention it’s on sale?

    But it’s Friday. It’s time for fluff and open threads. So! In the spirit of the week’s theme, let’s talk about this awesome-looking pencil skirt! Should I purchase this delightful confection? I do so love job skirts. My über-fashionable friend D says yes, and so does the first fashion plate I ever knew – my mom – so I’m leaning toward yes. Weigh in in the comments!

    If you’re stuck for topics to discuss (other than, of course, weighing the merits of various types of houndstooth), try these on for size (GET IT?! Try them on! For size! Ahhhahaha. It’s a wonder I’m not a professional comedienne. Solid gold, I tell ya.):

    • When did you first become aware of different modes of dress and what they signified, culturally and otherwise?
    • How has your style evolved over the years?
    • Is there any style or fashion that you find completely unacceptable? Why?

    Happy Friday everyone! Keep on being awesome.

    Weekend open thread: Google Plus! and other news

    15 Jul
    Just because Rebecca Black is a fan of Friday doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be, too. Everyone loves a good Friday (even if Friday isn’t your Friday, and you don’t celebrate Good Friday). And in this new tradition of copping out of having to write a real post by opening the floor up to y’all, it’s time for a weekend open thread!
    Today’s topic is Google+! Mostly ‘cuz I want you to be my pal on there. It’s boring without interesting people to talk to. You can find me by looking up I think. I’m still a little fuzzy on the details. If you need an invitation I’ll give you one. Oh yeah, and here’s a Google Plus-themed picture to replace the usual adorable animal one (adorable animals to return next week):


    ANYway. If you’re stuck for things to talk about, here are some starter questions:
    • Are you a social networking junkie? Why/why not? If you are, feel free to expound about the Google+ thing. If not, you’re probably not going to comment anyway, amiright?
    • Does your online community differ significantly from your real-world community? (my answer is below!) How? Why do you think that is?
    • Why won’t Google+ make it so we can merge accounts? (rhetorical, although feel free to answer if you’re a Google developer)
    • Do you ever worry that Google is going to one day grow spindly little arms with spikes on the ends and then implant itself in your brain, controlling your every move and thought, turning you and millions of others into little Google-borg-bots?
    • Are some social networks more “safe spaces” (by this I mean prejudice/patriarchy/violent threat-free, or at least as much as possible) than others? Which ones?
    I know that my online social network differs a whole lot from the real-world one, mainly because I know for a fact that most of you reader-types are feminists and “get” the feminist-y (and sociologicalish) stuff I write about on here (the rest of it is just drek. I mean really.). In the real world, I may not find out a friend’s thoughts on feminism – or any other ism – until the friendship is well-developed – which is fine. Just different. Both realms serve their purposes quite well – without real world interaction I’d go bonkers. But without an online community of whip-smart people like you, I’d probably think the whole world was out to get me and never leave the house.

    Rainbows and Sweets and Weekend Open Thread

    1 Jul

    Happy long weekend! Since it’s Friday, it’s time for pretty pictures and open threads! Don’t worry, I’ll get to the rest of your wonderful reader requests soon, but for now I have sweets for you, the sweet. D’awww!

    This week, my main accomplishment outside of work was making the world’s most colorful rainbow cake. I found a photo of a pretty rainbow layer cake online and immediately determined that I must find a reason to make it – and what better reason that Pride season and the passage of the NY equal marriage law?

    I started with a little Technicolor mise en place action:

    … and then through bloggie magic, turned bowls full of goo into a neatly stacked Leaning Tower of Pisa:

    which became the lovely camouflaged masterpiece you see here (what are those bottles, you ask? Why, Skittles vodka, of course! What could be more appropriate for a rainbow theme?):

    … and then waited stealthily for the guests to arrive. Oh! Look! It’s a peekaboo cake! How naughty:

    …before dazzling them with BRIGHTLY COLORED CAKE-A-PALOOZA!

    It’s the gayest cake ever! OM NOM NOM!

    Through the endeavor of making this cake, I have learned but one Very Important Fact about myself, and that is this: If ever I am ever to get a tattoo, it surely must be a Very Colorful Tattoo. None of this stark black tribal stuff for me, oh no. Nor will I be sporting any pencil sketches or stippling. It’s the Care Bears and children’s breakfast cereal color palette for me, please.

    Which leads us into today’s Weekend Open Thread. To get you started, today’s question is:

    Do you have a tattoo? If so, where and of what, and how many? Why did you get it? What’s the story behind it? How much did it cost, and did you have to save up for it?


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