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Prop 8 overturned

7 Feb

Take THAT!

California is now back in the fight for status as “superior West Coast state.”

Now if we could only fix this sh*t federally.

Missing gay pride: No fairsies!

24 Jun

So I flew out of Portland on the day of the Portland gay pride parade/festivities, and I will be flying out of New York on the eve of the same in the bigger of the two cities. How is this fair? I haven’t been in ages – not since I was, oh, say, 19. That was my first and last gay pride parade – if I recall correctly I got heatstroke from sitting on the sunny sidewalk for so long, got treated to some screamed obscenities from some d-bag four floors above street level, and experienced the wonderful world of intentionally bad table service.

We are too cute. No, really

I also recall driving four hours with a group of fun people, singing along to Aqua at the top of our lungs the whole way, parking illegally in some abandoned lot, doing our makeup in the side-view mirror of my first car, making friends with drag queens, getting kicked out of that one all-ages gay dance club since none of us were of age, and having real grown-up champagne brunches. Good times!

Let me live vicariously through you. Tell me your gay pride stories, whether you’re doing something this weekend or stopped going 15 years ago. Why do you go? Is it too commercial now? Or did you just not notice the commercialism before because you were young and idealistic? What does your city do? Oh yeah, here’s some inspirational music for you to listen to while you compose your Odes to Pride:

And did I mention: HAPPY FRIDAY!




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