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The real face behind the blog

31 Aug

Happy Friday, y’all! What are your plans for the long weekend?

Shulamith Firestone dies

30 Aug

Radical second-wave feminist Shulamith Firestone was discovered dead on Tuesday at the age of 67 in her Upper East Side New York apartment.

She was the author of “The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution,” one of the most influential books of the feminist movement in the 1970s, and certainly a hugely influential book in my life (influential about so much more than just the smiles).

Her final years were, apparently, filled with isolation and mental illness, although she managed to continue writing. Her brilliance will be missed.

A picture is worth a thousand…

29 Aug

A wordless commentary (or a commentary on wordlessness?) from my friend Colin, the sometime-artist:

It’s just a couple subtle changes to the original that makes a powerful (and creepy) point:

It’s amazing what subtexts can be revealed visually that would take essays to describe in words, isn’t it?


Oh and by the way: Shut your lady face!


17 Aug

Grad school starts in less than a week and the panic has finally set in. It all started when I learned that my immunization records were incomplete and I almost missed registration.

Then I got my first tuition bill.


Oh my god you guys. YOU GUYS. This Ivy League education stuff is no joke. I could buy another HOUSE for this kind of cash. Or maybe retire early. Or BOTH. While riding a gold-plated chariot.

But it’s totally going to be worth it, right? RIGHT? RIGHT?!?




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