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Like a vandal

25 Apr

Imported from MySpace blog

I rocked my own ass this morning. Or was it this afternoon? There I was, chillin’ in my pad, making myself a playlist to shower to (yes, I need one, and no, it’s not weird. Really.) Or perhaps I had just showered and was continuing to enjoy my awesome selection of tunes while I went about my post-shower business, when, all of a sudden, a particularly dance-able number came on. I was ambushed.

I looked at cat number one. I looked at cat number two. I busted a move. I busted another move. I danced around the kitchen like a woman possessed. I shook my ass like it was going out of style. I seduced the toaster. I danced myself over to the fridge. I danced myself into the living room and hit repeat. I danced like one of those nights out when you dance so hard your thighs hurt when you wake up in the morning. I was sweating. I was keeping the beat. I was singing along. My imaginary audience was floored. They began throwing flowers and room keys. Groupies began swooning. I blew kisses to my fans, the lights dimmed to the sound of their screams and I walked out the door and went to work.

Damn that was good. No better way to start a day, I say.

Things you find in the rain

3 Apr

Imported from MySpace blog

Sometimes, I walk to work. Other times, I walk home from work. Here are some things I find on my walks:

This was by the courthouse:

… makes me wonder what those suits are up to in their off hours. And whether or not using one’s feminine wiles could get one out of some sort of unpleasant meth-related conviction.

This reminded me of evil Mary Poppins:

I see these everywhere. Medfordians love them some carbonated brown sugar water. Also they don’t know how to use trash bins:

I hope one day to be allowed to photograph the crazy homeless guy who hangs out between my house and my work, incessantly greeting everyone who passes, so I can post his photo on here. Also, I’d like to get some pictures of the crowds of ever-present Catholics repenting. Until then, you can imagine them. Hopefully interacting in really weird ways at seriously awkward angles.




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