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Mauled by a minivan

8 Dec

Friday, December 08, 2006
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and could I have expected any less from the local soccer mom? Why would she yield to the pedestrian already in the crosswalk, anyway? I mean, her cargo is obviously much more precious than my life, or dignity, or ability to walk on two legs. Her rush to get to the soccer field so little Brent or little Madison or whatever ridiculous trendily-named child she had in tow at the time could perform in a mediocre fashion in an extracurricular sports arena while she screams wildly on the sidelines at anyone who will listen, and perhaps starts the occasional screaming match with anyone who challenges her offspring’s abilities, is of course much more important than any pedestrian getting to where said pedestrian is going, namely the other side of the goddamn street. Minivan drivers of the world, beware: there is one pissed-off pedestrian roaming the streets.




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