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MySpace sucks

12 Nov

Imported from MySpace blog

Why? Because it makes me feel incomplete somehow. Every time I get on here, it seems like everyone else’s life is so much more full and rich and complete than mine. All these people I know, or that I know through someone, or don’t really know at all, seem to have loads of comments from people who just love love love them and miss them lots and lots and they really must get together soon, and gosh it sure was crazymadfun making with the drinking on the town and the dancing on the bar and OMG I can’t believe you’re leaving for Spain next week I simply cannot wait until I visit!!!

Their frilly pages are filled with pictures of them with huge grins, having grand times with their friends, doing incredibly creative things, posing in front of various famous landmarks, holding tasty-looking drinks, climbing various social/corporate ladders and generally being oblivious to anyone’s lives but their own.

Why, you ask, would I feel this way when my life is so clearly full of good things, like a beautiful, loving, intelligent and loyal wife, cute fluffy kitties, a fulfilling career, good friends and the occassional debaucherous night out? Blame it on the fact that I only cruise around MySpace being envious when I’m incredibly bored.

Bah on this stupid Internet-spread bane on young humanity. Maybe I should stop wasting time looking at MySpace and instead spend my time volunteering at Planned Parenthood or filling out Peace Corps applications.




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