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Life in the slow lane

24 Oct

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My maroon hooptie finally bit it. Yes, folks, it’s a goner. Or rather, it needs a new transmission, so it might as well be.

However, during the past couple weeks, while the wife’s car was as yet unrepaired, and my big maroon boat was (and still is) out of service, I discovered a few things.

Life on foot is slower. Sometimes infuriatingly so, other times in a surprisingly pleasant way. Riding the bus, while long, boring and sometimes smelly, is a great way to meet really interesting people. They might not actually be the kind of people I want to hang out with, but you can’t say they’re not interesting.

While riding between Ashland and Medford one day, I had a very pleasant conversation with a teeny tiny old lady about war, men and human kindness. She showed me her book about DNA splicing, and I nodded and smiled a lot. She had a matching scarf-hat-glove set on a very warm day.

Another time, I heard a very loud, very fat mouth-breathing 20-something talk about how her sister makes her money by ripping off men she meets in bars and then sleeps with. Also she talked about how much she hates illegal immigrants. While unpleasant, I guess it’s important to be reminded how seriously messed up a lot of people’s views and lives are.

Walking between home and work another day, I got to experience the power of my voice when I told a couple of shirtless, sweaty transient-types to fuck off after catcalling me on the street. Grrr…

Anyway, my point is this: being constantly encapsulated in tons of glass and twisted metal, while convenient, serves to cut people off from eachother. There’s something wrong in today’s world when someone, alone and unshielded by thick cement walls or car windows, walking from point A to point B, looks out of place. Gets stares. Is the subject of constant worry.

Coworkers’ reactions to the loss of my car has mostly been an outpouring of sympathy. One of them very generously donated a bicycle. Others have been giving me rides home after work, since I get off late at night and live in a semi-bad neighborhood. But I only live a few blocks from work. The bus can take me almost everywhere I need to go, five days a week. While it’s not expedient or luxurious, it’ll do. I wonder why I haven’t been allowed to walk home by myself. Is it because I’m a girl, and can’t defend myself, or because “people just can’t be trusted these days”?

Even though I get visually and verbally assaulted almost daily when on foot, I’m never scared and am fairly confident if faced with a physically intimadating situation, I could hold my own. Mostly, though, I’m just not worried about it. I can’t say that I’m a trusting person, but for some reason I’ve never been scared of other people. It may be naive, but it’s my way.




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