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I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller

23 Feb

(imported from MySpace blog)

I miss being cool. I used to be cool, but I must’ve ceased being cool sometime when I wasn’t paying attention. Maybe I never was cool and I was living some kind of horrible delusional life, wherein I created all kinds of characters with which to surround myself.

Perhaps I stopped being cool when I began asserting myself as a legitimate, intelligent being worthy of respect. Maybe it’s because I started the dark-rimmed glasses trend, and all those emo kids hate me for it, so I’ve been ousted from the cool people club. Maybe it’s because I don’t smoke of the ganja… and my head, minus the clouding, is just not as interesting as it used to be.

Perhaps I should embark on an Austin Powers-esque journey to get my mojo back, including a trip back to the swingin’ 60s. I hear mod is back anyway, although my ability to tease my hair is somewhat lacking. I think I could learn, though. Oh, the elusive cool, which we begin lusting after in middle school, and although we grow up, never really stop searching for.

Perhaps my lack of cool can be attributed to my lack of a solid clique. This may be in part to the fact that many of my pals are geographically scattered, and my work-centered schedule tends to conflict with the party-centered schedule of my still A-town bound friends.

Sigh… I must learn to accept my dorkdom. I shall reign over it with an iron fist. Made of bronze.

Indie Yuppies

9 Feb

Imported from MySpace blog

Finally, a phrase for those kids with an affected hipster attitude, a fashion sense best left to people who actually shop at Goodwill, and shiny new cars bought for them by their upper-middle-class parents. Indie yuppy (or yipster, or yupster, or grup) is now what you can call all your buddies who grew up in white suburbia and now listen to vaguely angsty emo and live in a self-imposed “starving artist” mode, having picked up the habits of smoking, drinking and sampling various culturally-accepted drugs in their glorious college days. Just tell them not to quit their day jobs, and eventually they too can have fun, soul-crushing white collar jobs and live in gated communities just like their parents!




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